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Changing our domain to - FAQs

On 27th September 2023 we made the switch from to

Why has Prolific made this change?

This is just a small domain change, but the migration to .com is another exciting update from 2023. We’ve already announced a Series A fundraise of £25 million and a rebrand! Our shiny new .com domain reflects our global reach and our mission to revolutionise how the world learns about people, so people can revolutionise the world.

How will this affect participants?

We expect disruption for participants and researchers to be minimal. All services and access to Prolific will continue as usual during and after the change.

Although we have redirects in place, please ensure that you update any bookmarks, favourites or saved links that use our old website address. You'll also want to update any autofill, autocomplete or password managers.

I'm not able to link my PayPal account since the change

Participants initially experienced issues adding or replacing their PayPal details. This is now resolved, and participants can update these details again themselves in-app following the guidance here: How do I get my payments?

Prolific Assistant is no longer working for me

We've released a new version of Prolific Assistant. Please update your extension to version 3.18 and it should then work as normal!

The website is greyed out / isn't loading

If you are experiencing issues with a grey screen, this may be due to your adblocker preventing the site from loading. This is something that we are investigating, but in the meantime if you disable your adblocker for Prolific this should resolve the issue.

I'm unable to log in

Please make sure that you've updated any saved login details to reflect our new login URL with .com rather than .co. If you're still having difficulties or get locked out, please reach out to Support here. Please do check that you've updated any password managers before getting in touch.

I need further help

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here you can click below to send a message to our Support Team.

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