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Introducing Prolific's new beta payment system

Prolific is moving to Hyperwallet as our new payment system for participants and you're going to be one of the first to use it! We've chosen participants who are regular Prolific users and cash out frequently to be involved in our beta testing before this is rolled out to every Prolific participant.

What is Beta testing?

Beta testing, or early access preview, is an opportunity for a selection of participants to test new functionality before we roll it out to all other participants. We use this to gather valuable insights and feedback from our participants to ensure a smooth Prolific-wide rollout. Your input is greatly appreciated!

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything differently in order to get your cashouts. If you're on our beta payment system, it means we've sorted everything out in the background for you to carry on as you were before!

We would love to get feedback from you about your experiences with this new system. You can submit feedback here

How do I cash out?

For now, the cashing out process will mostly remain the same as it was before.

As was the case previously, you can only cash out once per 24 hours, resetting at midnight UTC.

If you've added or changed your cashout email address, you'll only be able to cash out once every 72 hours for your first 4 cashouts. This replaces our previous cashout days of Tuesdays and Fridays. After this, you'll be able to cash out once per 24 hours (resetting at midnight UTC). 

All payments will now be made 'instantly' (please note that they may take up to 24 hours to appear in PayPal), and participants will either be able to cash out once every 24 hours or once every 72 hours depending on how many times you've cashed out since adding or updating your cashout email address.

You will see an alert if you try to cash out when your balance is under the £5 minimum or you try to cash out for a second time within the 24 or 72 hour period (see above). If you see an error message and the above restrictions aren't applicable, please let us know.

When you cash out, you'll now see a slightly different confirmation message in the top right of the screen:

Cash out successful.png

What is Hyperwallet?

Hyperwallet, a PayPal service, is a payment processor. This means that when you cash out on Prolific, Hyperwallet will be the ones delivering your money straight into your PayPal account.

We utilise Hyperwallet payment services to deliver payments to you. Such payment services are subject to the Hyperwallet Terms of Service and the Hyperwallet Privacy Policy.

You will not need to create a Hyperwallet account.

Why is Prolific making this change?

Moving to Hyperwallet is going to create new opportunities for our payment system as we grow and work with more participants from around the world. It is also an important change to help us comply with international regulations.

There are more exciting things to come relating to payments on Prolific - watch this space!


I've received an email from PayPal asking me to claim my payment - why is this?

If your PayPal account is not set up to accept foreign currencies (i.e. British Pounds) then we may have been unable to send your cashout straight to you. Instead, PayPal holds the payment and asks for you to claim it. If this happens, please follow the instructions in the email received from PayPal to claim the payment.

If you do not claim the payment within 30 days, it will be returned to Prolific. We will add this back onto your Prolific account within a further 5 days.

To prevent this from happening, please make sure that you've set up your PayPal account to be able to receive British Pounds (GBP). PayPal have instructions on how to do this here: How do I manage my currencies in PayPal?
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