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Can I be screened out of a study?

For a limited time, we are testing a new feature that allows some researchers to ask in-study screening questions to help them find the exact participants they need.

This is an experiment and we would love to get your feedback on how you found this feature and your suggestions to improve the experience. Please let us know your thoughts in this survey.

Introducing in-study screening at Prolific

Based on your answers to the screening questions, you'll either proceed to the main study, or complete the study following these questions.

This article explains the journey for participants who are screened out of a study.

Reserving a place

When invited to take a study that includes in-study screening, that study will have a label “IN-STUDY SCREENING”. You can click on the label to read more information.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 14.48.26.png

You can then reserve a place and participate in the study as usual.

Completing a submission

Once you have answered the questions in the survey you will be asked to return to Prolific with a completion code as usual. You will either exit the survey after answering the screen out questions, or after you have completed the entire survey.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 16.44.16.png

What happens if I am screened out of a study?

It is important to note that being screened out of a study will not affect your account in any way, and you will be rewarded for your time to answer screening questions.

Once you are screened out of a study, you will receive an email and a message in your Prolific account to inform you. There will be a link to check your submission page to review the screen out reward.

The reward should be relative to the time taken to complete the screening questions, not for completing the entire study. It should also be aligned to the minimum of £6/$8 per hour for your time.

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