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How will I know when there are new studies?

There are a number of ways we can alert you to newly available studies. This article will cover our handy Prolific Assistant extension, as well as other ways we'll notify you of new studies available to you.

Prolific Assistant

Prolific Assistant is a desktop extension which will let you know when studies are available for you to take.

If you see a study you like the look of, just click it and you'll enter it straight away. If you decide you'd rather not take the study, you can return it.


  • Shows how many studies are available on the extension icon
  • Provides a desktop notification for every new study found
  • Lets you enter studies straight away
  • Shows the last time studies were checked for


You can set your own preferences, such as the type of sound you would like when a new study is found, and the volume level for the sound alert.

Where can I download Prolific Assistant?

Prolific Assistant 3.10.0 is available in the Firefox app store and Chrome web store now. 

Email Notifications

Whenever a study is published, a random subset of eligible participants will be emailed.

This means that you may receive emails inviting you to studies, but not for every study published on Prolific. 

If you're part of a longitudinal or multi-part study, you'll get invites to the follow-ups via email so make sure you look out for them! They'll also appear on your Studies page.

Studies page

The Studies page will show you all studies that are available to you. The main difference between this and the Prolific Assistant are:

  • You don't get notifications
  • You can read about the study before reserving a place

If you don't want to take part, just click 'Not interested', and the study will disappear.

If you do want to take part, reserve your place then start the study!

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