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General payment questions

Can my payments be in US Dollars (or another currency)?

We currently only offer payments in £GBP (British Pounds) and $USD (US Dollars). You may need to make some changes on your PayPal account to receive US Dollars if you do not already have this set up. Any currency conversion will be managed in Paypal. For info on how to configure your Paypal to receive US dollars and more info on US dollar payments in general, please check out Introducing USD payments on Prolific.

Can researchers offer gift cards or vouchers rather than payment on Prolific?

Researchers are only allowed to pay participants via monetary study rewards on Prolific. This means that researchers should not offer payment via gift cards, vouchers, physical gifts or other means.
If a researcher has requested personal details from you in order to pay you via another method, please contact our Support Team using the button at the bottom of this page.

How can I change my cashout email?

On your 'Account' page you have the option to 'Edit' your email and cashout email. You'll need to be logged in to access this page.

I tried updating my cashout email address but it told me to wait 48 hours

You can only update your cash out details every 48 hours. If you've recently updated your details, please wait the full 48 hours before trying again. If this doesn't work, then let us know. We will not be able to help you before the 48 hours are up.

Do I have to pay PayPal fees when I cash out?

To cash out with Paypal through Prolific, you do not have to pay fees. You can read more about this in our blog "Introducing no-fee cashouts for all participants via PayPal!" However, if you are withdrawing money from PayPal into a different currency, Paypal may take additional fees.

Does my Prolific account email have to match my PayPal email?

Nope! These can be different email addresses. You will be required to log in to your PayPal account to verify this as your cash out email address.

What's the minimum cash out amount?

The minimum cash out amount is £6 or $6 and you cash out to your PayPal account. The £6/$6 can be made up of a total of both currencies in your balance, e.g. if you have £4 and $2 you will be able to cash out. 

How often can I cash out?

You can cash out once every 24 hours, resetting at midnight UTC. If you've recently added or changed your cashout email address, you can only cash out once every 72 hours for the first 4 cash outs.

Payments will be made to your account 'instantly'. Please note that they may take up to 24 hours to arrive, but usually they are much faster!

Very occasionally, PayPal may have an issue processing your cashout. In this case, you may need to wait until 72 hours after your most recent cashout before you are able to cash out again.

My instant cash out didn't go through and is now pending

Although most instant cashouts will come through straightaway, sometimes they can take up to 24 hours to reach PayPal.

You will see an alert if you try to cash out when your balance is under the £6/$6 minimum or you try to cash out for a second time within the 24 or 72 hour period (see above). If you see an error message and the above restrictions aren't applicable, please let us know.

I need further help

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