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I'm not receiving any studies

Why might I not receive studies?

In most cases, a lack of studies can be explained by availability and/or eligibility:

(1) There are no studies currently available to take part in. Researchers generally launch studies in their working hours. Weekends or holidays, for example, tend to be quiet times.


(2) You are not eligible to participate in studies that are currently active (some studies have prescreening criteria e.g. 20 to 30-year-old University students from France).

It is unlikely there is anything wrong with your account unless you have:

  1. Participated in a study and received an error code
  2. Attempted to login and been notified that your account is on hold
  3. Not received studies in over two months

We also try to make study distribution fair so that participants get an equal chance to take part. If you've completed a lot of studies recently, you may find you'll be invited to fewer studies for a short period of time. 

I've received studies within the last two months

In this case, there's no need to contact us, unless you meet any of the criteria above. 

I haven't received a study and it's been more than two months

If you haven't received any studies in over two months, our Support Team will be happy to look into this for you. Simply click on the contact button below.

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