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I cashed out to the wrong Paypal

I sent my money to the wrong PayPal

If you've accidentally cashed out to the wrong email address, your payment will automatically be returned to us by PayPal. Our Finance Team will return the payment to your account and let you know when this is done!

In the meantime, please double check your PayPal details on your Prolific account and update them if you need to.


The process above is called Reconciliation and is carried out every Tuesday and Thursday. Payments are returned to us after 30 days, so please allow 30-35 days from the date of your cashout for your payment to be returned.
For example, your payment is returned to us by PayPal on the 30th day which is a Friday. We'll return it to your account on Tuesday, the 34th day.

If it's been 35 days and you still haven't received your money, just send us a message using the button below.

I need further help

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