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How do I get started?

Welcome to Prolific! We're excited to have you on board. Before you can start taking studies you'll need to sign up, verify your details and tell us a bit about you. Read on for more info.

Step 1: Sign up!

You first need to register as a participant. This means you'll be taking part in studies.

(If you're looking to host studies, you can register as a researcher here.)

To sign up as a participant, head here.

Step 2: Complete verification

Once you're registered, we need you to verify some details. These include:

  • your email address
  • your mobile phone number
  • your ID

You'll be able to do this on your Account page

You can find more info in this article: Verifying your account and tips here: Verifying your identity FAQ

Step 3: Take 'Your first study'

On your Studies page, you'll see one study available. This is a practice study from Prolific for you to see what it's like to take part! There are some checks in here, so make sure you follow the instructions and give the study your full attention. Feel free to have some fun with it too.

Step 4: Tell us all 'About You'

The final step is to complete your About You page. These are questions about anything and everything including sports you play, the industry you work in and which teabags you use.

You don't need to fill out everything at once, but the more you answer, the more likely it is you'll be invited to studies.

Your information is kept anonymous from researchers, so they won't be able to link any of your answers back to you. You can find more info here: Telling us 'About You'.

Step 5: Take a study! 

Your account is verified, you've practised taking a study and you've told us about your pet fish. You can now start taking part in studies and contributing to world changing research. Head on over to your Studies page to see what's waiting for you.

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