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I haven't received a bonus payment

What is a bonus payment?

Bonus payments are additional payments researchers can make beyond the normal payment for a study submission. 

Sometimes researchers use them for subsequent parts of a longitudinal / multi-part study, where the format of the study is such that those subsequent parts cannot be run in the usual way.

Or, in some cases, bonus payments are made to offer additional rewards, or to make partial payments to participants if a study wasn't fully completed but the researcher still wants to offer a reward.

Please note, if there was a technical issue during the study, the researcher is not obligated to pay you for incomplete data. You should however be allowed to return your study.

What should I do if I haven't received my bonus?

If you haven't received a bonus payment from a researcher, you can reach out to them using our internal messaging system. Read more about how to do this here: How can I contact a researcher?

If your bonus payment is missing or delayed, you'll need to resolve this directly with the researcher.

Please contact support directly using the button below if the bonus was related to any of the following:

  • A video interview, video focus group or diary study format.
  • Payment for follow-up studies in a longitudinal study via bonus payment.

I need further help

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