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Short surveys

Short surveys

Short surveys are quick paid studies run directly on Prolific. These studies can be identified by the ‘Short Survey’ label on the study cards and on the study page.

short survey

What do I need to know?

Short surveys are a little different to the standard studies you’re used to taking. These surveys take place entirely on Prolific. When you take part in a short survey:

  • You’ll be paid as usual
  • You’ll answer a maximum of 5 questions
  • You can’t reserve a place. You’ll need to start your study straight away
  • You won’t get a completion code or be asked for your Prolific ID because these studies run entirely on Prolific, so we track these details automatically

When you take part in a short survey, you shouldn’t be asked for personal or sensitive data. If this happens, reach out and let us know so we can take action.

Examples of personal or sensitive data include:
Name, date of birth, email address, phone number, full postcode, social media or gamer IDs, racial or ethnic origins; political opinions; religious or philosophical beliefs; trade union memberships; health and medical records; and sex life and sexual orientation.

Why have we added short surveys?

With short surveys, we’ve made it easier to run and take part in quick studies on Prolific. Researchers can use short surveys to ask a quick research question or to find participants for a later study.

Can Prolific see my answers?

The answers you give will be collected by Prolific on behalf of the researcher. Prolific will not review or use your answers. Your answers will be confidential to the researcher. If you change your mind about participating in the study after submitting your answers, please message the researcher to ask them to delete your response.

I need further help

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