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Submitting NOCODE

What is a NOCODE?

In ideal circumstances, once you have finished a study, you’ll receive a completion code to copy and paste into a box at the end of the study. In even better circumstances, this will be done automatically for you! Sometimes though, things can go wrong or a completion code might be missing. In these cases, we ask that you submit the phrase NOCODE in the box that you’re presented with instead.

What does NOCODE mean for me?

A NOCODE doesn't mean your submission is invalid, just that the researcher may need to review it before approving your submission. This won't affect your account in any way and you can assume that you will receive the reward (if you have completed the study diligently).

What should I do?

It’d still be a great idea to contact the researcher to let them know there was a problem with the code. To do this, click on the little envelope icon beside the study under Submissions, and give them a quick line to tell them what happened.

As always, if you need any further help, just get in touch with your friendly participant support team.

I need further help

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